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LTL Guaranteed Delivery

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

LTL Guaranteed Delivery

Do you have a shipment that absolutely NEEDS to deliver by a certain time? For all your time-sensitive freight selecting a guaranteed delivery service is your best bet to ensure a timely delivery and a satisfied customer.

What is Guaranteed Delivery?

Guaranteed Delivery service is an option available through some LTL carriers that puts a point of emphasis on the specified delivery date and prioritizes the freight be delivered on-time. Standard guaranteed delivery is for 5pm, other guaranteed delivery options can be set up through our operations staff for:

  • 10:30 am delivery

  • Specified AM delivery time

  • Specified PM delivery time

Does Guaranteed Delivery cost more?

Placing a Guaranteed Delivery on a shipment will be more expensive - by how much depends on a handful of variables including what is being shipped, how far the freight is traveling, the weight and size of the freight, and of course, who the carrier is.

How Do I Include Guaranteed Delivery?

When inputting your shipment into our system, once the freight specific information has been entered into the necessary fields you are taken to the subsequent screen that shows your different options of carriers and their transit times. For carriers who offer guaranteed delivery service, there will be a green ‘$’ icon in the top left corner of their name


Call into our office with your shipment information available and mention that you want to use Guaranteed Delivery and one of our operations team members will assist you in finding the rate that works best for you.

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